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Leadership Hendricks County, Inc. is a year-long seminar program designed to identify, educate, motivate, and develop a select group of area citizens for positions of community leadership. Participants are selected on the basis of ability, leadership potential, and demonstrated interest in the community.

The overarching goals of the adult program of LHC are that participants:

  1. Increase awareness of Hendricks County
  2. Develop as leaders through understanding of self, others and community
  3. Engage within the community and the LHC organization

Tuition is $1,200, which includes 12 program days and over 25 hours of leadership development training.

2018 LHC Operating Policies

Leadership Topics Covered
Real Colors Temperament Assessment, thinking outside the box, storytelling, visioning and project assessment, effective communication, group norms, cultural inclusion, effective meetings, public-private partnerships, strong customer service, building strong teams, mediation and compromise, generational dynamics, wellness, messaging for a cause, community involvement & philanthropy, volunteer & board responsibilities, StrengthsFinder, priorities & goal setting.

Participation in each LHC class is limited, and we have learned that our classes are most successful when they represent a balanced geographic and demographic cross-section of Hendricks County. Participants must live or work in Hendricks County.  Applications are carefully reviewed by a committee using a point system, without considering identity or employer of individual applicants.  The selection committee uses this application as its sole source of information about you, so it is in your best interest to answer questions thoughtfully and thoroughly.  The two primary reasons applicants are not selected are the quality of the application and the desire to have a cross-section of the county and occupations.  We encourage applicants who are not chosen to apply again for future classes.


Opening Retreat
The tone for the entire class year is set during a two-day session in which participants get to know each other, discuss the goals for the year and learn how to build a team that can work together effectively. We use a variety of informative (and often entertaining) instruments to help them better understand their own strengths and challenges, as well as how to work with people whose strengths and challenges are different. They discuss issues facing Hendricks County and are form their Capstone Teams to investigate and address the issues they feel are most important.

Judicial Day
During Judicial System Day, the class learns about the legal system. They will have firsthand exposure to the work of local attorneys, prosecutors and judges. A mediation demonstration helps them understand how mediation is an important part of our legal system. They learn more about the adult and juvenile probation process, as well as programs such as work release and home detention. The day concludes with a trip to the Hendricks County Jail.

Education Day
From taxpayers to parents to employers to students, everyone is affected by the educational system in Hendricks County. Class members learn about the many aspects of local education. Within elementary and secondary education, the well-known public school systems as well as parochial, home and alternative schools, are explored. Higher education opportunities including vocational, postsecondary and workforce training, are presented. The class also focuses on cultural inclusion.

County & Local Government Day
The class visits the Hendricks County Government Center to develop a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of town, township and county leaders and how they can be engaged in local government. In addition to talking with elected officials from a variety of levels, participants learn about the many county offices and the areas they oversee. Along the way, the class looks at how to facilitate effective meetings.

Infrastructure and Resources Day
Participants embark on a tour that examines the infrastructure and resources needed in our community to enhance our quality of life in Hendricks County. As participants visit everything from parks and natural resources to facilities that handle waste, they deepen their understanding of our county's diversity. Participants also see an example of successful collaboration in our community.

Business & Industry Day
Hendricks County has a remarkably diverse business community, and this day is devoted to learning about the many types of businesses in the county. From family-owned manufacturers to the ever-growing retail presence to companies that do business globally, participants develop a better understanding of why businesses choose Hendricks County, how they attract the right types of workers, and the training their employees need. Participants see a best practice example of customer service.

Economic Development Day
Participants receive hands-on exposure to the many dimensions of economic development through a role-playing exercise. Class members take on roles of planning and zoning officials, town manager/mayors, school superintendents, economic development directors, and chamber of commerce directors in fictitious Profit County. Divided into three communities with different characteristics and resources, they compete to attract new businesses. Representatives meet with town officials to discuss their company's needs and review incentives the towns offer before deciding where to relocate.

Agriculture Day
For its first 175 years, Hendricks County's economy revolved primarily around agriculture. Today, agribusiness continues to play a significant role in Hendricks County’s economy. After exploring agriculture related topics, the class visits a local farm to experience firsthand the differences between typical perceptions of traditional agriculture and the high-tech business with global impact it has become. The leadership skill addressed on this day is building strong teams.

Community Conversations Day
During Community Conversations Day, the class practices having conversations around complex community issues. A facilitated discussion will generate conclusions. Panels with state and local officials as well as topic experts are incorporated into the day.  

Health and Human Services Day
This day combines the adult and youth classes. Participants are divided into groups with specific challenges and identify social services providers which can best address their needs. Participants learn about the different ways people from various generations view matters and approach work. The day concludes with deeper understanding of the correlation between wellness and leadership.

Closing Retreat
This session represents the end of the program, but it's just the beginning of the participants' involvement in LHC and our community. After a session to identify their strengths, they reflect on the year and how they to use their new knowledge and skills. We work with our newest members of LHC to set goals and identify their roles in community involvement.

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Since 1993, Leadership Hendricks County has given citizens the background and inside information they need to take on effective leadership roles in the Hendricks County community. Each graduating class within the program has completed a Team Discovery project to address a current community need. Leadership Hendricks County, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to seek, prepare, involve and sustain leaders from diverse backgrounds to address community and countywide changes.

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