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Investing in leaders; strengthening our community

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Arts Council (2004) PDF Print E-mail

Arts Council
To better the community this group provided information on how to start a local arts agency. Their purpose is to provide common services such as promoting and publicize arts and cultural activities and providing arts education.  They researched and prepared a purpose and mission statement, goals, Board of Directors information, legal document descriptions and even logo ideas.

Caring for the Less Fortunate (2005) PDF Print E-mail

Caring for the Less Fortunate
How could we help the less fortunate in our county?  This group searched out the issues facing the less fortunate and decided to go to the core issue – finances.  An internet based program called Wi$e Up  will be placed in three Township Trustees office who have agreed to pilot this project.  Possibly another class project can follow up and expand on this project.

Community Involvement (2000) PDF Print E-mail

Community Involvement
This group put together a primer for any organization wanting to get started.  There are questions that need to be answered before beginning a new project or group.

Community Resources for Parents (2011) PDF Print E-mail

Real Moms and Hendricks County Leadership
Real Moms found there was a lack of current resources focusing on Hendricks County parents. Real Moms found it hard to locate playgroups and other parent based programs in Hendricks County. The group met with multiple parents groups in Hendricks County who were having a hard time finding the resources they needed. Resources were researched and identified.


Crime: The Unwanted Side Effects of Population (1994) PDF Print E-mail

Crime: The Unwanted Side Effects of Population
This group investigated and reported on the concentration of four areas.  Those areas were chosen by this committee due to mutual interest.  Alcohol – DUI offenses. Burglaries. Criminal Break-Ins. Total Cases file in Hendricks County.

Cypress Manor (2007) PDF Print E-mail

Cypress Manor
This group created a marketing plan for Cypress Manor previously known as the County Home.  They did research to determine the sustainability of the facility and its future use.

Dash for the Parks (2009) PDF Print E-mail

Dash for the Parks
This project was the design and execution of an event to raise money for the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County. The group organized a 5-kilometer run/walk on the trails for McCould Park. The Dash for the Parks has become an annual event, run by the Physical and Occupational Therapy Department of Hendricks Regional Health.

Focus on Family (1998) PDF Print E-mail

Focus on Family
This group did a survey to determine the available resources in the Hendricks County area.  Asking to identify the most urgent issues that they felt were facing the families of Hendricks County. This report is a compilation of that survey.

Focus on Food Pantries (2006) PDF Print E-mail

Focus on Food Pantries
This project group felt food was a basic necessity that was not being met within our county.  After many meetings and discussions this group formed a food pantry council for Hendricks County and got the pantries through out the county to try to work together.  The ground work was started and through communications and meetings the pantries came together and are working as a team in the county.

Hendricks County Emergency Services (1994) PDF Print E-mail

Hendricks County Emergency Services
This group explored the many aspects of the emergency services in Hendricks County and what it’s future needs to be for the future.

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