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Economic Development

A Primer on E.D. Initiatives in Hendricks County PDF Print E-mail
Year:   1997
Synopsis:   This report showed the concern about the continued growth of economic opportunities for the resident of H.C.  They began to wonder what it was that caused businesses to locate in one county V.S. another.  Why are new businesses located in one town in H.C. V.S. another town.  They wondered if there was anything that could be done to influence this process.

pdf A Primer on ED Initiatives in Hendricks County 1997.pdf

Commercial Growth PDF Print E-mail
Year: 1996
Synopsis: This group chose to investigate the apparent influx of commercial growth coming to the Hendricks County area and what the possible influences this growth will bring to the residents of the Hendricks County.  They felt it was important to identify the type of commercial development that had the appearance of being a driving force in the growth of the county.  Their two areas of particular interest were the Theme Park and the Commercial Business Parks in Plainfield, and Danville.
pdf Commercial Growth 1996
Economic Development 1996 PDF Print E-mail
Year: 1996
Synopsis: A study of the apparent influx of commercial growth coming into the county and what possible influences this growth will bring to the residents of the county and the school corporations.
pdf Economic Development 1996
Economic Development 2004 PDF Print E-mail
Year: 2004
Synopsis: This group wanted to see what impact a large business and employer would have on a small community and decided to consider moving a large scale business to a small community.  They composed a synopsis of moving Harlan Bakery from Avon to Amo.  Their conclusion, after much research, it takes a long time in order to provide careful planning and studies to achieve such a move.
pdf Economic Development 2004
Economic Development 2006 PDF Print E-mail
Year: 2006
Synopsis: This report documents our process, includes information, and makes recommendations towards the goal of diversifying Hendricks County's economy and professional development.
pdf Economic-Development 2006
Economic Development 2011 PDF Print E-mail

Year: 2011

Synopsis:  This group embarked on a project centered around economic development in Hendricks county. Timing proved a key when they found the Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership was attempting to raise the awareness and the funds to commission a study on "Quality of Life" in Hendricks County. To assist the partnership our team took on the task of raising awareness within the county by creating a blog and enlisting government officials, business owners and residents of Hendricks county to make daily posts of what Quality of life meant to them. The group worked to get residents and business owners to read and post comments, sharing their thoughts on the daily posts.

             My Hendricks

Employee Assistance Program PDF Print E-mail
Year: 2015

It has become abundantly apparent that in order to establish economic development and community growth, employers must invest a great deal of their time, effort and money into the education of their workforce. Regardless of whether this education is completed through workforce development or traditional secondary education, our 2015 Capstone group will focus on what employee assistance programs (EAP) are made available to existing employees. This study was completed in the effort to identify how employers can continue to invest in their existing employees to ensure that their employees remain as productive and efficient despite a number of personal and/r professional stresses in their lives. This report will include a number of topics that employers should consider when determining if an employee assistance program could benefit their workforce. This report include input and insight from personnel in public safety, public education, private businesses, nonprofit organizations and member of the community clergy. 



Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership and Leadership Hendricks County PDF Print E-mail
Year: 2010
Synopsis: The primary objective of this project was to survey businesses in the Motor Sports industry in Hendricks County to identify areas of importance with regards to business expansion and retention. With the assistance of Cinda Kelley and HCEDP, this group developed a survey, organized a method for the distribution and collection of the surveys, and collated the data.
pdf Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership and LHC
New Business Start Up PDF Print E-mail
Year: 2005
Synopsis: This project group outlined and provided resources to begin a business in Hendricks County.  They provided information about types of businesses, expenses and start up costs, licenses, permits, taxes and marketing tips to get a successful business started.
SCORE PDF Print E-mail
Year:   2008
Synopsis:   The main focus was to promote communication for the new SCORE office.  We first reached out to area county Rotary Clubs.  We also engaged the Hendricks County chambers and the crowning moment was to plan a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house for the new office in Hendricks County.

pdf SCORE 2008.pdf


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