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Do you know someone who has been an outstanding leader in our community? Nominate them for the 2019 Leadership Hendricks County Leader of the Year award. Click here for information about the award.

Please submit a small paragraph or two about the individual you are nominating, and why you feel they should be the 2019 Leader of the Year. Submissions with names only will not be considered. Please take the time to tell us why you feel the individual is worthy of consideration for the award.

You may submit your nominations to me via email to admin@leadershiphendrickscounty.org. Submissions must be received by Friday, December 27, 2019 to be considered.

2017 Leader of the Year, Tim Whicker; 2018 Leader of the Year, Shane Sommers; and Former LHC Executive Director, Kerry Tuttle

Past recipients of this award beginning with the year 2000 are: Dennis Dawes, Mary Benson, Gary Emsweller, Jerry Holifield, Susie Friend, Dick Thompson, Emory Lencke, Scott Flood, Connie Lawson, Mike Edmondson, John Sparzo, Bart Beal, Michael Rogers, Donovan Peoples, Jay Puckett, Brett Clark, Phyllis Palmer, Tim Whicker, and last year’s winner Shane Sommers. These individuals all have the great honor and privilege of serving on the Selection Committee, and they will make the decision on who the recipient will be for 2019. The Committee, along with the Board of Directors of LHC, have also recognized the following individuals with the Distinguished Service Award: Suzanne Whicker, Deedee Daniel, David Whicker, Kent McPhail, April Bordeau, Mary Kay Hood, Rick Myers, Dr. Margaret Hoernemann, and Scott Olinger. This special award was created in 2007 and is not necessarily an annual award. These individuals may not be considered for Leader of the Year since they have previously been recognized by this special award. Your candidate for the 2019 Leader of the Year award should be a leader in the following areas of consideration: they should be a servant leader, a facilitator, a leader by example, a collaborator, a visionary, and one who helps others be successful. The individuals selected to receive the award will be highly measured in these consideration areas by the Selection Committee.

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