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Leadership Development Series

LHC Leadership Development Series Workshops 2021

LHC’s Leadership Development Series (LDS) is a series of half-day workshops designed to provide ongoing, interactive, and research-based professional development for all Hendricks County citizens.

Attend one, all five, or a combination.

Registration Information

Single Registration $99 per person per workshop. Discounts rate for LHC members & Chamber members: $75

Series Registration Five registrations—$375 (save $120!) one for each workshop or use in any combination. Discounts rate for LHC members & Chamber members: $250 (save $125!) Invest in yourself, register today!

2021 LDS Workshop Details

Organization & Focus: Thursday, February 11, 8-11:30am

Online link will be provided

Do you get overwhelmed thinking about your “to-do” list? Thanks in part to the pandemic, work, school, and life all happen under the same roof, and boundaries are blurred. Equip yourself with tools and methods to organize your thoughts, improve focus and productivity, and get things done.

Facilitator: Halle Simpson

Organization & Focus Class Details

Organize the Chaos in Your Brain Do you get overwhelmed thinking about your “to-do” list? Energy spent in one area is energy taken from another area. And considering the pandemic, with work, school, and life all happening under the same roof, boundaries are more important than ever! Get equipped with tools and methods to simplify and organize the swirling thoughts in your brain and reclaim the mental energy they consume. Halle has worked from home and led remote teams for two decades. She will show you to work more effectively, efficiently, and get creative about getting things done!

Participants will walk away with:

  • A tool to diffuse the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • A clear way to prioritize what is important and what just feels urgent
  • A calendar that better reflects their personal and professional goals for the year

Halle is a globally certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Author of the Know Thyself Journal. Her passion for speaking and coaching stems from growing up in a household battling depression and the grit gained from a 20-year career in sales and leadership development. In her work with executives and business owners across the country, Halle has come to specialize in creating intentional conversations to grow leaders and their businesses. In her downtime, Halle enjoys daily journaling, yoga, massages, watching cooking shows, and trips to Traverse City, Michigan. She resides in Indianapolis with her Boston Terrier Marco (named after Marco Andretti) and is a race fan who attends the Indy 500 each year.


Accountability: Friday, April 16, 8-11:30am

Research proves that employers and employees both place a high value on trust. How do you keep yourself, and others, on track? Do you willingly accept responsibility for your actions and decisions? Learn how to articulate expectations and take ownership of how you fulfill them. A team that is accountable, is a team that is high performing.

Facilitator: Susan Rozzi, Rozzi & Associates

Accountability Class Details

Holding Yourself and Others Accountable Ever get tired of those around you denying their role in an incident, pointing fingers at others as to why something happened or feeling people are just waiting to see if someone else will take care of the mess? Learn practical ways to stop these behaviors while holding yourself and others accountable.

Participants will walk away with:

  • Understand how to improve performance through accountability
  • Learn to recognize the victim cycle and “Above The Line” behaviors
  • Apply several tools to help you and others remain accountable
Leadership Roles: Thursday, June 10, 8-11:30 am

Regardless of industry, every leader is required to perform 4 roles to be effective. Unfortunately, most leaders are good at 2 roles, not so good at 1 role, and unaware of the 4th role. Clarify the 4 roles, assess your skills, and be prepared to fulfill all 4 roles and lead your team to success.

Facilitator: Matt Nettleton, Sandler Training

Leadership Roles Class Details

The 4 Roles of a Leader 2020 presented a new and different level of stress for businesses. No role in the company came under more duress than the leader. Whether you are a President, Owner or CEO your job which is normally difficult became potentially overwhelming as pressure for decisions based on limited and changing information was demanded. This talk is all about effectively identifying the 4 Roles of a Leader and using those roles to effectively navigate challenging markets.
Communication: Thursday, August 12, 8-11:30 am

Community Conversations – learn a process to further engage our community in conversations and build understanding and appreciation of different viewpoints.

Facilitators: Eric Hessel, Hendricks County Community Foundation Susan Rozzi, Rozzi & Associates

Conflict & Negotiation: Friday, October 15, 8-11:30am

As the saying goes, change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. So how do we manage all that change? Professionals know how to stay calm, listen attentively, speak with confidence, remain objective, and help resolve differences with “win-win” solutions.

Facilitator: Carolyn Goerner, Practical Paradigms

Conflict & Negotiation Class Details

Developing Negotiation Skills The training begins with an individualized assessment of conflict preferences. A variety of hands-on exercises help participants develop and practice negotiation strategies that complement their preferred conflict management style(s). Participants will Learn

  • How personal preferences for conflict management align with a preferred negotiation style
  • Ways to analyze a negotiation situation and determine goals and desired outcomes
  • Multiple strategies to plan for negotiations
  • Tactics to manage each stage of the negotiation process
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