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Our Youth Program

Mission Statement

The mission of Youth Leadership Hendricks County is to seek, prepare, and develop potential young leaders from diverse backgrounds, and instill within them a commitment to responsible involvement in community and county-wide challenges.


The primary purpose of Youth Leadership Hendricks County is to develop leadership potential, foster civic awareness, and promote responsible volunteerism among county youth.

Goals and Outcomes

Nurture the leadership potential of students through the understanding and practice of five leadership behaviors:

  • support others,
  • self-management,
  • awareness,
  • excellence, and
  • motivate others.
Expand the civic awareness of students through exposure to the Hendricks County Community:

  • visiting key Hendricks County industries and services,
  • meeting and networking with adult leaders, and
  • engaging with the community to experience effects on their lives.
Encourage responsible volunteerism through:

  • awareness of community needs, and
  • volunteer opportunities

Program Overview

YLHC started during the 1999-2000 school year.

Student Participants:

  • A maximum of 5 students accepted from each of the 6 public schools
  • A maximum of 5 non-public or home school students accepted
  • Students must be entering their sophomore year of high school
  • Schools determine participants; however, we strongly suggest the following student breakdown goal:
    • 1 top student
    • 3 students with leadership potential
    • 1 student who needs a little direction or inspiration and would greatly benefit from the leadership training
    • both male and female students
  • Schools are to send us 5 students (if we need an alternate, we will contact the school)
  • Schools are responsible for informing students not accepted to the program
  • School information:
    • Schools are supportive of the program…financially, as well as allowing students excused absences
    • If school is cancelled, program is cancelled and not made up
    • If school is delayed, we are NOT delayed
    • If school has 1/2 day, it is a full day with us
  • Student Responsibility
    • Our goal is to build responsibility in your student
    • It is your student’s responsibility to notify us if they will not be here BEFORE the school day
    • School comes first

Class Day Objectives

  • Students meet once per month, from August through March.
  • Through activities, speakers and community visits, students will be able to meet the following objectives for each class day:


  • Establish new relationships with other participants.
  • Comprehend that leadership involves listening, collaboration and helping others.
  • Know own temperament and more effectively interact with those with different temperaments.


judicial & public safety

  • Explore county judicial system from police, to courts, to the county jail and work release.
  • Observe court in progress.
  • Discuss what is involved in protecting local residents.
  • Tour current jail and the previous jail at the Hendricks County Historical Museum.


  • Understand the attitudes, viewpoints, and needs of other generations.
  • Communicate the health and social challenges facing Hendricks County.
  • Identify and share resources available to help address the basic needs of Hendricks County residents.
  • Identify ways I can be involved as a volunteer.


innovation in the community

  • Explain the need for collaboration in leadership.
  • Tour companies who use an innovative approach to address business trends.

Explore collaborative efforts among public officials, non-profits, and businesses.


personal presentation

  • Experience an interview with local business leaders.
  • Learn etiquette and business skills.
  • Practice collaboration with fellow youth leaders.


  • Explain the role of state and local government officials.
  • Witness the lawmaking process and opportunities for collaboration and citizen influence.
  • Share some of the current issues and their potential impacts on Hendricks County.



  • Practice new communication and collaboration methods.
  • Apply strong individual and group presentation skills.
  • Identify and set goals to apply leadership skills learned this year.
  • Share with our community what was learned this year.

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