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Employee Assistance Program

Year: 2015
Synopsis: It has become abundantly apparent that in order to establish economic development and community growth, employers must invest a great deal of their time, effort and money into the education of their workforce. Regardless of whether this education is completed through workforce development or traditional secondary education, our 2015 Capstone group will focus on what employee assistance programs (EAP) are made available to existing employees. This study was completed in the effort to identify how employers can continue to invest in their existing employees to ensure that their employees remain as productive and efficient despite a number of personal and/r professional stresses in their lives. This report will include a number of topics that employers should consider when determining if an employee assistance program could benefit their workforce. This report include input and insight from personnel in public safety, public education, private businesses, nonprofit organizations and member of the community clergy. 
  pdf 2015_Employee_Assistance_Programs.pdf

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September 22, 2010

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