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Year: 2009 Synopsis: This group selected the Express Bus project. The Express Bus project is a federally funded opportunity to expand transit links between outlying rural populations connecting them to a daily rapid transit opportunity to and from Indianapolis. This...

Ronald Reagan Parkway Presentation Objectives

Year: 2005 Synopsis: To educate the Hendricks County public of the importance of completing the Ronald Reagan Parkway as soon as possible. To promote the economic development benefits.  Ronald Reagan Parkway Presentation Objectives

Public Transportation Hendricks County

Year: 1998 Synopsis: This group’s report re-iterated the growing need for relieving vehicular traffic congestion on all major thorofares in Hendricks County.  Public Transportation Hendricks County

Conservative Subdivisions

Year: 2001 Synopsis: This group did quite a bit of research on the idea of conserving land by using different techniques of developing subdivisions. They are taking their plans to the County Plan Commission and the Planning with Power subcommittee of the Plan...

Comprehensive Hendricks County Road Plan

Year: 1993 Synopsis: This group’s mission was to develop a comprehensive plan for a cost-effective, efficient road system to service projected needs into the year 2020. The Goal of their report was to improve the health, safety, convenience, and welfare of the...