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Big Brothers for Hendricks County

Year: 1999 Synopsis: The goal was to establish or enhance an operation, which would support family values in Hendricks County by working with various organizations. Big Brothers for Hendricks County

Youth Development

Year: 2002 Synopsis:  This group learned that there was a significant need for a directory of child care services.  They decided to tackle the project of updating a guide that had been produced several years ago and the author wasn’t eager to take on this project. ...

They’re Our Kids Follow Up

Year: 2008 Synopsis: This project is a continuation of a previous project completed in 2006.  In this project the group made it easier to access each school’s website when someone needed.  With the website already set up, our focus was then set on Kindergarten and...

The Manner Revolution

Year: 2003 Synopsis: A study of youth in the county and their manners toward adults, their peers, and the community.    The Manner Revolution 2003

Kappa Cares for Kids

Year: 2007 Synopsis: The purpose of this LHC study group project is to assist the Danville chapter of Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc., in planning for the long-term success of an important new public service initiative: Kappa Cares for Kids.  The goal of the Kappa Cares for...