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Leadership Development Series 2022 Request for Proposals

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Leadership Hendricks County is accepting proposals for facilitators to present a session for our Leadership Development Series. The LD Series is a series of half-day workshops designed to provide ongoing, interactive, and research-based professional development for all residents of Hendricks County and the surrounding area. 

Leadership topics may include:
  • Cultivating diversity and inclusion/ leading a diverse team
  • Casting a clear and compelling vision
  • Common behaviors of a cohesive team
  • Managing difficult employees/ conflict in the workplace
  • Networking and building community
  • Helping remote workers stay connected
  • How to decompress/relax stress from work
  • and more...
Workshop format is in-person, 3.5 hours, 8-11:30 AM.

Program Overview
The LD series is designed for individuals who desire to increase their leadership skills and want to be more effective in building relationships, creating vision, and developing the people around them. Our goal is to identify professionals who can facilitate independent leadership development sessions (half‐day) that will maintain LHC’s reputation of quality programs that are both inspiring and engaging for all who attend.

To be considered for this role, facilitators must be able to demonstrate a history of professional training & facilitation that is considered engaging, challenging, and informative!

Specifically, candidates must be able to:
  • Present material in an engaging manner
  • Create interactive discussion and active participation from attendees
  • Keep participants interested and challenged
  • Present comprehensive information and resources in an easy format
  • Provide specific takeaways for each session that reinforce the learning objectives
  • Provide tools that participants can go out and use today

Leadership Hendricks County Background
Leadership Hendricks County provides people of all ages, backgrounds and interests access to the tools necessary to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Our aim is to provide contemporary leadership training that meets the needs of communities, businesses, nonprofit organizations and private individuals. We believe that effective and enthusiastic leaders, more than anything else, are the difference between success and failure within the organizations and communities they represent.

The mission of Leadership Hendricks County is to seek, prepare, involve and sustain leaders from diverse backgrounds to address community and countywide changes.

The vision of Leadership Hendricks County is to develop quality leaders serving Hendricks County.

  • We Believe that leaders define the strength of the community.
  • We Believe that leaders give back to our community.
  • We Believe in lifelong learning and development of leaders.
  • We Believe in empowering leaders to succeed.
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Questions can be directed to LHC Program Director Dani Smith at dsmith@leadershiphendrickscounty.org or 317-718-6178.
Proposal Guidelines & Requirements
  • This is an open and competitive process.
  • All information submitted is considered confidential and will only be used for the specific purpose outlined in this RFP.
  • Leadership Hendricks County staff will provide the facilitator with all necessary information about the program, market & recruit participants, and coordinate all program logistics.
Please complete the form below to submit your proposal.
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