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On Friday, November 6, the LHC Class of 2020 met at Lizton Lodge for their final class day and Closing Retreat. Lizton Lodge was a private residence for many years and has recently been offered as an event facility with over 22,000 square feet and over 100 acres.


The Closing Retreat is the culminating day for each class. It includes presentations by each Capstone team, exploration of the Strengths Finder tool, and a lot of celebratory fun.


Special guest speakers included Gary Emsweller and Mike Edmondson. Both Gary and Mike were active in the creation of LHC in 1992. They both spoke about the organization as well as charged each member of the class to use their newly developed and honed skills in our community.

LHC Board President Jason Speckman, Mike Edmondson, and LHC Facilitator Susan Rozzi.


LHC Class of 2020 Bree Emsweller with her Dad Gary Emsweller.


After dinner, each member received a certificate of completion from 2020 LHC Facilitator Susan Rozzi and LHC Board President Jason Speckman.


The 2020 Capstone Teams included:


2020 Disaster Hub

Jennifer Ahles, JP Biehn, Bree Emsweller, Chris Hurley, Matt Oliphant, Cory Stewart

Our capstone project identified the need for a Disaster Hub in each of our local communities in Hendricks County.  During a disaster of a large scale, our first responder’s ability to help will be focused on the major task at hand.  Our Disaster Hub will provide a central source of communication to the members of each community.  A small example of information would include:  safe shelter space, wifi hot spots, place to receive food/water if needed, secure place for pets, insurance information, medical relief and numerous other contacts. Our capstone presentation will highlight our research and we will discuss our implementation plan.


2020 Communication Project

Tom Downard, Jessica Ledford, Kendra Myers, Robert Pope, Joanna Sproull

The Hendricks County Community Foundation’s Needs Assessment Survey results revealed that trust in leadership and communication are both currently lacking within the Hendricks County community. In order to improve in these areas a three-step action plan consisting of a community-wide State of the Town event, Community Information Sharing Toolkit, and Community Liaison has been developed to assist in information sharing, transparency, and communication with the citizens of Hendricks County.


2020 Apprenticeship and Trades Fair

Kim Fox, Crystal Givens, Jenifer Laver, Ty Phelps, Victoria Ross-Frost

Members of LHC, Class of 2020 initially planned to host an apprenticeship and trades fair for seventh-grade students at Plainfield Middle School. Due to COVID-19, that plan pivoted to assist with marketing Hendricks College Network’s Virtual Apprenticeship and Trades Fair. The LHC team created a marketing calendar with scheduled social media posts to promote the event starting September 18th until the last day of the fair, October 2nd. The social media posts highlighted the fair’s sponsors, vendors, specific trades, and included a countdown.



2020 Leadership Spotlight Project

Joe Aldridge, Barry Blackwell, Kevin Hall, Emily Hammell, William Nickrand, Virgil Underwood III

Based on the 2019 Community Needs Assessment, it became apparent that there is a large distrust in leadership throughout our community. Our goal is to increase trust in leadership, while providing the community with a more in-depth view and understanding of some of the additional concerns voiced in the Community Needs Assessment. Through monthly interviews shared with local media, Scott Flood will be emailing questionnaires to relevant community leaders, including those in law enforcement, town councils, school boards, economic development, utilities, religious organizations, chambers, legislature, etc. These monthly interviews will be shared to a variety of media in different formats, including The Republican, Hendricks County ICON, Hendricks County Business Leader, Chamber newsletters, town council websites, the Visit Hendricks County website, and many more.


2020 Marketing Plan for Hendricks County Resource Guide

Tania Burke, Spring Deaton, Laura DelVecchio, Jenni Pierle, Meghan Stritar, Frank Vandervort

The Hendricks County Health Partnership (HCHP) did an enormous amount of work to create the Hendricks County Resource Guide, an online resource of services and opportunities across the community. Our team members felt the guide was being underutilized by members of the community due to being unaware of its existence. We sought to create a marketing plan to get the word out. In the process we were presented with the opportunity to apply for a grant to assist with the plan. The grant was applied for and granted in the amount of $40,000.00. We are now working with the HCHP leadership to draft a 4-5 year marketing plat that HCHP will use for their future growth.


In reflecting on their capstone work, members noted:

“I’m proud of the resilience of y group and the whole class for powering through and knocking their projects out of the park.”


“Really enjoyed working with my group, and hope to get our project off the ground in HC.”


“My team was amazing! They all contributed and were always prepared for meetings – it was like working with the best of the best!”