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Meet Brent Anderson!

Recently promoted from Assistant Fire Chief to Fire Chief of the Plainfield Fire Territory, Brent says he enjoys all of the friendships he’s made since being a part of this organization.


How and when have you been involved with Leadership Hendricks County?

I present yearly to the LHC Adult class about the Hendricks County Fire Service and I previously served on the golf fundraising committee for a few years.


What has been your favorite moment or experience throughout your involvement?

My favorite part of LHC is the life long friendships and networking that is achieved by being part of the LHC family. I enjoy seeing old classmates and we quickly reconnect based on time spent getting to know each other throughout our time spent together. It is something that I will cherish forever.


What did LHC teach you as a leader?

It taught me more about myself than any other class I have taken. It also gave me the ability to understand others better. I apply what I learned on a daily basis. I am a better person and leader because of my time spent in LHC.


What would you tell others who are considering involvement in LHC’s programs?

If you want to be a leader in Hendricks County or your own community, this class is for you. The benefits gained are well worth the time spent. The class will force you out of your comfort zone and teach you to be more comfortable in those circumstances. All this while learning about Hendricks County and leadership.


What’s new since you were involved in Leadership Hendricks County?

The county is developing at such a rapid pace, the changes and growth have helped make the class what it is today. Ideas and visions of 10-15 years ago are now a reality. Learning the vision of the next 10 + years is paramount to future success in Hendricks County. Be involved and stay informed.



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